IMPRI Books aim to contribute to scholars’ interest in analyzing evidence-based and action-based studies. IMPRI Books upholds the tradition of publishing books of the highest quality in the multidisciplinary areas of research and policy impact including Agriculture, Food & Nutrition Security and Rural Development; Economy and Infrastructure; Entrepreneurship, ICT and Innovation; Environment, Energy, Climate Change and Sustainable Development; Gender, Pluralism & Social Inclusion; Governance and Law; International Relations and Strategic Studies; Livelihoods, Employment, and Well-being; Public Finances and Macroeconomics; Society, Literature, Arts, Sports, and Culture; Urbanization, Habitat, Transportation and Regional Development; Social Sector; Science and Technology, and; Public Policies, Programs, and Schemes by both National and International authors.

IMPRI Book catalogue of authors also includes Vibhuti Patel, Tikender Singh Panwar, Gurinder Kaur, Sameer Unhale, Utpal Kumar De, Gummadi Sridevi, Dr Simi Mehta, Dr Arjun Kumar.

We’re building a new way for writers and readers to connect online and offline, and help authors achieve their dreams with the freedom and flexibility that they deserve. We aim to be one of the best self-publishing companies in India by consistently providing quality publishing services