Etruscan Gold

Offers a comprehensive set of components and benefits tailored to the needs of authors looking to publish their books. This package includes ISBN allocation (ensure proper identification), cover page design for an eye-catching presentation, paperback bookbinding, and black-and-white interior formatting. 

Authors can also benefit from copyright registration, copy editing, proofreading and a non-exclusive agreement. 

Copy editing and proofreading services are offered as optional “add-ons” for an additional cost. Authors can choose to include these services at their discretion.

This package provides cover and interior design services, offering a basic option without Canva Pro. Authors receive 100 copies with the option to order additional copies, along with email copies and inventory management services. Digital proofs are also provided. Additionally, this package offers promotional benefits, including blog posts about the book, an online book launch event, social media posts and banners, and book promotion in newsletters for a month, helping authors reach a wider audience and make their book launch a success.

All of this is available at a price of 1.5 lakhs + GST

Diamond Sutra

This package provides extensive components and benefits for authors seeking to publish their books. It encompasses ISBN allocation, front and back cover page design for a professional look, paperback bookbinding and the option for either black-and-white or full-colour interior formatting. It includes copyright registration, free copy editing, proofreading, and a non-exclusive agreement. 

This package includes free copy editing for up to 40,000 words and proofreading at no additional charge.

The package offers premium cover and interior design services (using Canva Pro) with the added advantage of customization.

Authors receive 250 copies with the option to order additional copies, along with email copies and inventory management services. 

This package goes beyond Etruscan Gold to include a range of promotional benefits, such as free webinars, social media marketing, Amazon listing, and copy editing and proofreading. Authors can also enjoy various types of promotions, including book reviews, forewords, podcasts, email copies, and listings on Amazon Prime and Kindle. Social media advertising is provided for one month, along with blog posts about the book and a press release.

The institution can help host an online or offline book launch event with teaser campaigns, tap into book influence marketing and receive social media posts and banners to boost the book’s visibility. 

Additionally, the package includes book promotion in the Institute’s newsletter for a month, all at a price of 3 lakhs + GST.

Please note: Any customization in the above packages may differ in cost as subject to the market rate.