#CityReflections Singularities of Municipal Finance (E – Book)


Author: Sameer Unhale
Published by: ARJUN KUMAR
Publisher’s Address: Impact and Policy Research Institute OPC Private Limited, 4-C, K Block, Saket, New Delhi-110028
Printer Details: Printed in India by Impact and Policy Research Institute OPC Private Limited
ISBN: 978-81-956403-3-1


Singularities of Municipal Finances offers an in-depth exploration of municipal finances in India. Authored by a renowned urban policy expert, the book provides an exhaustive analysis of the complex financial structure of India’s municipal governments. Through a blend of empirical research, case studies, and policy insights, the book unveils the unique challenges and opportunities faced by urban local bodies in the world’s largest democracy. It delves into the historical evolution of municipal finances in India, tracing their origins to the colonial period and post-independence reforms. Readers gain a profound understanding of how fiscal decentralization has evolved over the decades, affecting the current fiscal landscape.


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