FEMINISM: Fundamentals, Facets and Future-Event Outcome Report


ISBN: 978-81-938497-8-1

Author: Vibhuti Patel, Simi Mehta, Vithita Jha



Feminism: Fundamentals, Facets, and Future, Event Outcome Report by Vibhuti Patel, Simi Mehta, and Vithita Jha is the product of multiple events in IMPRI’S #webpolicylearning series. This comprehensive compilation embodies the collective wisdom and perspectives of distinguished subject matter experts and seasoned practitioners, and distinguished resource persons bring a wealth of experience and expertise, ensuring a comprehensive exploration of research, policies, impact, activism, and future developments in this dynamic field. This event outcome report serves as a testament to the collective wisdom and enlightenment gained during our exploration of feminism’s fundamentals, facets, and its promising future. As we turn the pages, we invite you to join us in reflecting on the diverse perspectives, profound revelations, and shared commitments that emerged during this transformative course. May the insights gained within these pages inspire lasting change and contribute to a world where equality and justice flourish for all.


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