FEMINISM: Theory and Praxis – Event Outcome Report


Authors: Vibhuti Patel, Leena Pujari, Simi Mehta, Vithita Jha
ISBN: 978-81-938497-9-8
Copyright © IMPRI Impact and Policy Research Institute, New Delhi
Published in 2024

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About the Book

“Feminism: Theory and Praxis” is a comprehensive exploration of feminist thought and activism, offering a nuanced examination of key concepts, theories, and practices within the feminist movement. Through a series of insightful chapters, this book delves into the diverse dimensions of feminism, from its theoretical underpinnings to its real-world applications in addressing contemporary social issues. The book begins by laying the groundwork with discussions on feminist epistemology, intersectionality, and decolonization. Dr. Leena Pujari provides a compelling analysis of feminist epistemology, challenging conventional paradigms and advocating for a more inclusive approach to knowledge production. Dr. Linda Lane explores the intersectional nature of gender-based violence, highlighting the ways in which systems of oppression intersect to shape individuals’ experiences. Additionally, the book examines contemporary global concerns through the lens of feminism, exploring topics such as legal activism, foreign policy, and the intersectionality of feminist movements. Professor Vibhuti Patel connects theoretical frameworks with real-world issues, demonstrating the relevance and impact of feminist thought on contemporary challenges. Throughout the book, readers are invited to engage critically with feminist theory and practice, challenging their own assumptions and perspectives. By highlighting the diversity of feminist voices and experiences, “Feminism: Theory and Praxis” aims to foster a deeper understanding of gender inequality and inspire meaningful action towards social change.


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