Voice of Yamuna: Manoj Misra – Tribute to an Environmental Hero

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This book aims to shed light on Shri Manoj Misra’s extraordinary thoughts and perspectives—a path paved with passion, resilience, and intellectual brilliance. It is a compilation of all the articles and his lectures written and delivered at IMPRI, respectively. It weaves together the key themes, ideas, and insights shared by Shri Misra, offering readers a glimpse into the remarkable intellect and visionary perspectives that he brought to our virtual gatherings. The book would definitely inspire readers to become active participants in the quest for environmental preservation. Within these pages, the readers will encounter stories of triumphs, challenges, and the invaluable lessons learnt by a practitioner who has and will continue to inspire generations to proactively ensure the protection of our natural heritage and fragile ecosystem.


About the Author

Manoj Misra, a dedicated environmentalist and former Indian Forest Service officer, devoted himself to the revival of India’s Yamuna and Ganga rivers. In 2007, he founded the Yamuna Jiye Abhiyaan (YJA) to restore the Yamuna, empowering riparian communities through the Nadi Mitra Mandli initiative. His efforts led to legal victories and significant progress in reviving the river. Shri Misra also played a key role in establishing the India Rivers Forum (IRF), which recognised commendable river rejuvenation efforts. A clean and uninterrupted flow of the Yamuna would be a fitting tribute to the remarkable work of Shri Misra, whose blueprint has inspired numerous individuals and organisations. He authored influential publications on conservation, including “Rejuvenating Ganga — A Citizen’s Report” and “Wildlife India @ 50.” Shri Misra’s leadership, perseverance, and optimism will be greatly missed.

1 review for Voice of Yamuna: Manoj Misra – Tribute to an Environmental Hero

  1. Rajesh Kumar

    Excellent and brilliant!

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